Wife Topless in the hot tub in black bikini topless full version


Topless wife in the hot tub with black bikini bottoms.

One day I had a friend come over to help with a project in my back yard. We had been working out there for several hours and were almost done fixing the door on my storage shed.

Just about as we were about to finish I heard with calling me to come over to the patio. So I walked over thinking maybe she had made lunch or brought out drinks. When I turned the corner I saw wife topless hot tub sitting there in hot tub topless. She said I thought I may take a dip and that you guys could come over and let me lift your spirits after working so hard.

Right then I noticed my friend had just stepped up be hide me. His eyes were so wide open. The wife said hi and thank you for coming over and helping. Just thought you might like to take a peak for all your hard work. Then she stood up out of the water and asked if we like her bikini bottoms. Then slide them up a bit in the back inside her cheeks and did a little dance for us. Needless to say, I have volunteers for helping out all the time now. We love seeing the wife topless in a hot tub wearing her black bikini topless for all of us to see.

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